2011-2012 Season

BowledOverLogowebWe again competed in FTC for the 2011-2012 Bowled Over season.  In December, we co-hosted a scrimmage at our high school with team 4029.  There, we found that our current design could barely score points, while our “dummy” bot could consistently score at least 30.  Obviously, we decided to redesign.  We actually switched from an omni drive system, which could not accurately move across a cluttered field, to a parallel drive system.  By January, we had a completely new parallel drive robot that scored points with a completely different strategy.  In January, at the BU Academy qualifier, we won the Inspire Award and qualified for the state competition in March.  Unfortunately, at the state competition, although our advanced and ambitious autonomous programs worked beautifully every time, we somehow could barely score points despite using roughly the same strategies that had worked at the qualifier.  Also, in the first two rounds, an attachment generated static, which shut off our NXT.  Fortunately, team 4029 selected us as a partner for the final rounds and we finished the competition as a member of the Winning Alliance!

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