New Modern Robotics Setup!

We’re very excited to see the new kit from our friends at Modern Robotics! With a few screws and a quick wiring job, it took us just one afternoon to set up—and it’s quite an upgrade.  
We used our old chassis from last year, and we’re able to replace our original electronics without too many problems.

The new setup includes a Distribution Module that distributes power and data to the controllers via pre-crimped cables and micro USBs (with their own ferrite chokes!).  
We ran out of crimped wires, but alligator clips seem to be working fine.

Filip printed a sweet phone holder for the robot

Since the chassis uses a mechanum drive, we had to modify the given code to control it properly, we’ll post the code for that soon.

We’ve been testing out sensors! So far the HiTechnic ones work, but we’re still figuring out the software for the custom sensors and the ones built into the phone.

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