11/18 Update


The Pickles have started their weekend session and there is a lot of excitement in the air! We are modifying our robot and fixing/starting some programming. A couple of new things have been introduced in the past few weeks. Josh has started exploring Creo, a software that allows you to create or recreate Tetrix- based machinery from the online database of virtual
Tetrix parts. It’s super cool, fun to play with, and can be helpful in seeing what something you plan on building will look like.
Additionally, the Pickles are preparing for the scrimmage that is set to happen on December 16th at Lexington High School. We’ve contacted the state FTC folks and they have agreed to bring their field control system to this event along with their fields. Also, it is listed on the FIRST website as an official event. Everyone is excited about this opportunity to interact with other teams in our community and to test out our robot on the field for the first time! If you are a nearby team and are interested in participating, please contact the Pickles through our website or comment on this post. We will definitely try to post pictures from the scrimmage on our blog, so keep checking for more updates!
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