So… What’s the plan?

Every since the challenged has been released, we have thought up tons of ideas about how to accomplish various tasks around the field. We have decided on the main components for our robot and have now constructed a “first draft” of the robot. We plan to continue making progress on this draft of our robot this weekend, and maybe get the electronics up and running so we can start trying it out! So far, the design consist of our omni-wheel based drive system (omni-drive), our ball pickup system, and our crate grabbing and raising system. We plan to post a photo of the robot on our website this weekend or next along with more details of our design and plan. We’ll continue to keep you informed with major updates on our design here on the blog and on our website at

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2 Responses to So… What’s the plan?

  1. wrfamily says:

    I like the blog updates. You should add some photos if you can. How's the lab notebook going?


    P.S. Dungeons and Dragons is pretty awesome.

  2. Jenny! The lab notebook is going well! We have a table of contents and it's all neat and legible. 🙂 We miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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