Pickle Limericks:

There once was a Pickle named Jenny
Of talents, she had oh-so-many
Save the bluefin!
We’re a shoo-in!
They loved our project, thanks, Jenny!

There once was a boy named Ben O
Who worked with Paper and Lego
Folding art with one hand
Writing code on demand
Yaay, we have opened the window!

Our newest, our latest, our Joshua
What else can I say but Oh Goshua
Happy-go-lucky land
Isn’t it just grand?
We wish you’d been with us in Nashua.

Hayoung, our resident lawyer
Smiling when entering our foyer
She read the rubrics
She studied the tricks
Twas either her or Tom Sawyer.

Edward’s been in Georgia before
Undaunted he came back for more
Back then he was ten
Looked just like our Ben
Did we get the sample ice core?

Geoff once was highly combustible
But now he is much more compatible
Up for a challenge
What rhymes with orange?
His robot’s incontestable.

There once was a Pickle named Chris
One day he’ll fondly reminisce
Upton in November
Quincy in December
Then onto Atlanta, what bliss!

Ben D is the one who reckons
That it may be that fate beckons
Should he worry a tad?
The timer always rings at
Two minutes and thirty seconds.

Elliott’s second home is our basement
That’s hours and hours of time spent
Read this stuff about tuna!
Do the blog, and soona!
Now fix this busted attachment!

Gene’s back and he’s on a mission
Us, stunned by his erudition
He took some time off to
Apply to some prep schools
At last, carbon sequestration!

There once were three fathers from Boston
Their kids and their friends were just awesome
Mark, Kevin and Paul
Three cheers to them all
Hurray for the team from Boston!

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